Video part 1 – How To Put On A Nagoya Obi – Vintage Japanese Kimonos

wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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A lesson in how to put on a nagoya obi, with a taiko ‘knot’ at the rear. Nagoya obi have the sash section already folded in half and the rear knot section at full width. The video is in two parts.

The woman in the video is wearing her kimono with the fold-over tied at the waist, to adjust length, and has, round her waist, a koshi himo (soft tie) under a (pink) date-jime obi around her waist. She also wears an obi ita (stiffening board) under her obi. Her (white) obi ita has an elastic strap round the back, most obi ita have no strap and are just held in place by the obi. She puts the nagoya obi on top of all those.

You can also get pre-shaped, two part nagoya obi, which do away with all the time consuming, complicated tying, but look the same once on.

The makura (pillow) she mentions is an obi bustle pad, which pads out the top of the rear knot and is hidden inside the knot, covered by an obiage. The obiage is a scarf-like tie that goes around the top of the obi sash and is tied at the front, then partially tucked under the sash. Around the middle of the sash, to help hold the obi in place, is a cord called an obijime, also tied at the front.

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