Children’s Japanese Kimonos

wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Children’s, Japanese kimonos, as well as looking fabulous on children and making wonderful newborn/christening gifts, are ideal as display items, as they are much smaller than adult kimonos, so need less wall space. One can frame them, like the examples below, or simply hang the kimono from a narrow bamboo pole and pin the bottoms of the fronts out. The exceptional artwork on them makes them a striking display item. One silk, baby’s kimono I have in my personal collection has a wartime design on it, with soldiers, aircraft, tanks etc. It seems a very strange subject to have on a small child’s kimono but was seen as a patriotic theme during the war.
A pure silk, child’s kimono, like those shown below, is not an inexpensive item. They cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds (GBP), which makes vintage one, in good condition, a very good purchase, as it is a fraction of the price.



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