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Kokeshi dolls
Kokeshi are traditional, Japanese dolls, with a very recognisable and specific style
. Originally whittled by men at work, to take home to their children. They are very simple in design, a head and a body, usually with painted clothing and features, and no separately carved arms.
Below you can see pictures of the favourite one I own; a very odd choice for a kokeshi doll, as it is a Christian nun and Christianity is certainly not the most common religion in Japan. I love it because it is such an anomaly

Another favourite of mine is the kokeshi doll below; a 1950s, nodding head, nesting kokeshi. The head is made to turn and wobble and the doll opens up to reveal a little boy kokeshi hidden inside. I bought a box containing about ten of these, kept 4 for myself, my daughter and friends and sold the rest.

There are so many different kokeshi dolls. made in every style thinkable, and now there is a craze for collecting Momiji Dolls, clearly based on kokeshi, as you can see from the photo of a Momiji Doll below.



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