My Irregular Choice Boots with Geisha

wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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With my love of wafuku (Japanese traditional clothing) and my weakness for Irregular Choice shoes, it was inevitable that I bought myself these Irregular Choice geisha image boots. I also have the geisha image shoes, in brown, though I don’t have photos of those right now. If I take some, I’ll add them here too.

As you can see below, they have very weird heels. I really love the quirkiness of Irregular Choice shoes and own many, many pairs, but I have to admit, they are rarely comfortable. These boots, however, are actually fairly comfortable to wear and easy to walk in, thankfully… well, compared to much of their footwear

Below is a close up of the geisha printed on the front of each boot. In the white areas, such as her face, the camera’s flash obscured a little of the detail, but you get a pretty good idea of how it looks.


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