More Japanese kimonos prepared and listed but so many more to do

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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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I spent last night preparing photos of kimonos etc. I brought a few stacks of them downstairs to my sitting room to force myself to work through them. I have so many that I forget what I have, so listing a new batch on my site is nice, as I get a chance to look at them again.
I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more, as I have thousands of items, but I weakened and bought three more pairs of pretty zori. What I do need to buy is cellophane bags, as I’ve run out of those and I put each garment into one.
It is a lot of work’

Below are two of the silk kimonos I photographed tonight; one woman’s kimono and one man’s juban kimono.

dark blue foral kimono

ukiyoe design an's juban kimono

A girl from Glasgow University’s Japan Society contacted me on Facebook to ask if I might help at one of their meetings, where they planned to dress people in yukata kimonos and take photos. She wanted me to come in full kimono outfit and I would have been happy to but I don’t visit Facebook often and got her mail there too late.
Maybe next time, as I am fond of Glasgow University and their Japan Society people are nice.

I can hear an owl hooting outside; it’s now nearly 4am.



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