Kimonos for Dogs, Suffering Relative & Eerie Screams

wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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I found a site selling kimonos for dogs; most bizarre. They are little yukata kimonos, complete with obis. Click this doggy kimono site link to visit the site; it’s all in Japanese but if you don’t read Japanese it’s still amusing to see the pictures. I have put one of their pictres below.

dark blue foral kimono

I’ve been having a somewhat stressful couple of days. My elderly mother fell off a step onto hard ground and broke her arm right up at the ball joint, so putting it in a cast is not going to fix it, she has to have an operation to have a rod and pins put in and, being 88 years old, an operation is very risky, so very worrying. In the meantime she has been sent home for 10 days with nothing done to the broken arm, so she is in great pain, despite being on extra strong, prescribed painkillers, which make her rather woozy and frequently sick. My brother came up from Nottingham tonight, so I now have help to tend her and try to get her to eat, for a few days, since feeling sick makes her unable to eat but painkillers with no food are not good and make her feel more sick but she can’t do without them; a bit of a vicious circle. I asked our doctor for anti nausea pills for her today, so hoping they kick in by tomorrow and she can bear to eat again. One does feel rather useless when seeing her in great pain and feeling so ill.

barn owl
A Barn Owl

I can hear another owl outside. This one doesn’t hoot, it’s a barn owl and they make the scariest noise, an incredibly loud and extremely eerie screech, like a woman screaming in abject pain and fear, over and over. The first time I heard one it really freaked me out. I had no idea what it was. I heard this screaming and my first instinct was to phone the police, thinking it was someone screaming in terror, but then it repeated over and over, with no variation in tone, so I realised it could not be human. It sounded a bit like the noise they often use in movies for pterodactyls. As I live in the countryside, surrounded by darkness at night, I certainly wasn’t going out to try to find out what was making the noise. It was months before I learned what it was. Luckily one doesn’t hear it often. Even though I now realise that this hair raising scream is just a barn owl, it still feels very creepy to hear it. If you are curious about the sound, you can hear a recording of a barn owl by clicking this link – barn owl sound. Imagine that sound being repeated over and over, when you’re in a cottage in the countryside, surrounded by pitch darkness and you have no idea what is making the sound



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