Broken Bone And Post Office Ineptitude

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Broken Bone
My 88 year old mother fell from an outdoor step and broke her arm. For 4 weeks she’s been home with just a strap round her neck and wrist and the break untreated. On Friday she has an operation to remove the top part of the humerus bone (the ball part  that fits into the shoulder socket and part of the straight section of the bone too) and have it replaced with an artifical bone section. Rather worrying, as a full anaesthetic and a 3 hour operation is very risky for her due to her age and the fact that she has had a few ischaemic attacks recently (mini, momentary strokes), which means much more chance of a major stroke occurring because of the operation. See X-ray below…

broken bone

I’ve marked the break on the X-ray. The ball top part of the humerus is in the correct position. The pink line indicates the break at the base of the ball.
The lower part of the bone is pushed up and over to the right, the broken end marked with a green line. The green and pink lines should sit exactly on top of one another.


Post Office
I am furious with the Post Office. I sent a package to Switzerland and I asked the woman at the Post Office counter if I needed to put on a customs label, as, although in Europe, Switzerland is not part of the EU.  She insisted I didn’t need one.
The package arrived in Switzerland and, because it had no customs label, Swiss customs had to get in touch with the addressee and find out the contents and their value. Their value was low enough not to require import duty but, because the lack of customs label meant they had to contact the addressee, she was charged about £13 administration fee by them, which I have to reimburse. I will be complaining to the UK Post Office and insisting that fee is refunded to me, as there would have been no fee if there had been a customs label on the package. I wonder how successful that will be.

I am not a happy bunny!

post office logo




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