English Wedding with Bride in Kimono

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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Here you see Deborah who very recently got married in England and wore a kimono and obi as her wedding dress. Deborah looked absolutely beautiful; graceful, elegant, ceremonial, striking and so very happy. Below you can see the photo from their wedding.

The groom’s red tie was well chosen to link with with the red in Deborah’s ensemble. I am most grateful to her for sending me the photo and for them allowing me to show it here.

Deborah said, ‘I thought I had set myself quite a challenge when I wanted to get married in a kimono and we were planning the wedding within 2 months. My husband was really impressed. He loved the kimono instead of the traditional bridal gown, it really added the joyous atmosphere to the day and a great talking point. I’m sure I will be buying more.’

Below you can see some close-up detail of that kimono, with its fabulous, vibrant flower design

The next photo shows you the backround design on the kimono’s silk; Japanese gardens.

The following photo shows you the colourful design on the front shoulder.


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