Another Birthday & Time To Play

wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Birthday card

Today is my birthday and my daughter made me the amusing card below, at one of those sites where you personalise greetings cards.

The woman looking at the red kimono is, of course, me, the geisha, looking over her fan, is my daughter and those stacks of boxes are actually four rows deep (you only see the front row of the stacks there) and they are crammed full of kimonos, haoris etc. Another room has just as many boxes full of ones that are not yet on my site and another has boxes full of obis and many large plastic tubs full of various smaller Japanese items, and that doesn’t include the large number of kimonos and haoris that I have kept for myself and those given to my daughter.
Binky, mentioned at the bottom of the card, was my childhood nickname.
The card really made me laugh. I truly do have a kimono addiction and have so many garments that I have long since lost count and would be too scared to work out; we are talking thousands. It has taken over my life and my home and it is almost surprising that Japan has any vintage kimonos and haori left.


Waste some time

I discovered a whimsical thing on the web; a Flash game called Costume Creator that is rather like dressing paper dolls. I found it quite a fun way to waste a little time. There are many variations of it on the site; some men, some women. The picture below is one I put together there. You can find it at Deviant Art, where it and all the other versions of it are free to play. If you have a little time to kill, try it out.



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