Trawling For Amusement

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Little Finds

Trawling For Amusement
I’ve been trawling the internet; through blogs, shops, YouTube and websites, finding little bits and pieces that I enjoyed. Here are some examples (the links open new browser windows/tabs, leaving this page open)…

Evolution Erasers
I really like these fabulous Evolution Erasers at The site is Japanese but the link opens a Google translation of the page, with the Japanese slighty iffily translated, but clear enough. Sadly, I haven’t found anywhere that sells these erasers in UK. Designed and developed by Hiroyuki Shiratori, the erasers have the shape of  an ape at one end, gradually evolving into modern man at the other.

Ape to modern man erasers


Painting with Post Its
This video is short and colourful. That’s a heck of a lot of Post Its…

If you have IE9, which doesn’t seem to show embedded videos, you can see it on YouTube here


Covet, covet, covet

Oh, how I desperately covet this amazing set of ceramic heads. They were made, in 4831, in Manchester, England, as phrenology reference heads.  The set consists of a wide range of heads, including, for instance, head number 54, described as that of a scientific man, and head number 8, recorded as the head of an idiot’.

ceramic heads


Plot Device
This is a short film, called Plot Device. I quite enjoyed it.

If you have IE9, which doesn’t seem to show embedded videos, you can see it here

Plot Device from Red Giant on Vimeo.


Ramen Noodles
The Japanese like ramen noodles; they are instant, versatle and filling. In the UK we see them mostly as Pot Noodle and Super Noodles but there are many other brands of instant noodle available in our shops if you look,  with even more in places like Japan and USA.
From USA, this Ramen Rater blog has page after page of brands, over 450, rated in preference, plus recipes and other ramen things. I’ve never been crazy about ramen noodles but think I may try a couple of those recipes, though I may give the Ramen Spam Doodles a wide swerve.


Maneki Neko
In Japan and other Asian countries, there is a lucky cat, who sits with one arm raised, called a Maneki Neko, meaning Beckoning Cat (also known as Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat, Money cat, or Fortune Cat). I’m sure you’ve seen them here and there. The Neatorama blog page explains this cat’s origin here (saving me the effort of writing the whole explanation myself).

You will also find information about Maneki Neko on Wikipedia



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