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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Flying Fish – I want one!
I really want one of these Air Swimmers. There is a YouTube clip with assembly instructions and my one worry is that, when the helium you initially fill it with begins to deplete as days pass, you blow air in with a straw. This means it will eventually fail to float. Unless you can top it up with helium instead of air, it is a very short lived toy at the cost of £39, so not worth it but other sites say you can refill with helium. Odd that the maker’s video didn’t say it. If you can top up the helium, I’d love to get one.

You can see the Air Swimmers in the video below or, if you have IE9, which doesn’t seem to show embedded videos, you can see it on YouTube here

The assembly instruction video is here


This dog with static made me laugh

The video below shows a dog with static in its fur. It did make me laugh. If you have IE9, which doesn’t seem to show embedded videos, you can see it on YouTube here


UK Riots
The riots this August in England were shocking and inexcusable. I’ve never known anything like it here in UK, not to that scale. I live in Scotland, below is a clip of the rioting in Edinburgh.

If you have IE9, which doesn’t seem to show embedded videos, you can see it on YouTube here.
There seems to be some question over its copyright on YouTube, so I hope it is still there.

OK, as you can see, Scotland actually had no riots, they only happened in some English cities, primarily London. Thankfully, I had returned home from London just a few days before it happened


Op Art Yukata

I love this optical art yukata kimono. A little hard on the eyes. perhaps, but so 1960s


Colourful Peacocks

For something a lot more colourful while just as striking, check out this black furisode kimono, with bright peacocks and lots of blossom. It has gold and diamonté detailing


I also want this chair

Nieuwe Heren, a Dutch design firm run by two young designers, developed this excellent chair and lamp combo. They made it to provide parents with a seat on which to read their children a bedtime story, with a lamp at the ready, that could be neatly stored against the wall once storytime was over, taking up very little space.

Photo by Nieuwe Heren



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