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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Osaka Station Water Clock
In Osaka station they have a fabulous clock that shows the time in water droplets. Between each minute it makes pretty designs. I’ve seen these great fountains before; they are controlled by computer and release carefully timed droplets that create patterns. I think they are so impressive. Photos and video on a blog at

and a video below


Great Advertisement
Watch it right to the end, it may look grim but is very funny…


High Brow Finger Puppets
A shop in the US sells these finger puppets. Such an unlikely set of characters (they have other artists, playwrights and philosophers too) and I particularly like Shroedinger’s Cat. I wonder if it is dead or alive.


Fun & Thrifty!
This takes me back. I remember these types of ‘things to do with’ guides. Oh how easily pleased we were back then; we didn’t beg for the latest expensive gadgets and toys, we got excited when given a handful of empty thread boobins or some such crap. As I recall, I never managed to get more than one spool a year, so that limited me a little when I wanted to make a snake from them.

This next recycling idea is somewhat horrifing now that we know the dangers of asbestos. For those, like me, in the UK, shingles are roof tiles.


I love these guys singing along to animé videos of The Backstreet Boy’s song Everybody. They get the actions and facial expressions just right and the guy on the left, with the great hair, is so very good at it. There are two versions, one with three animé characters and one with a single, different one. The version with the single character is longer though a bit fuzzy but don’t let the image quality put you off. Worth watching both. They almost make me like the song.





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