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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Anime Eyes – wide eyed appeal
In my last blog post I included a video clip showing the appplication of a fluid, presumably something like latex adhesive, that makes the single Japanese eyelid fold when opened, giving the appearance of a double eyelid, more like western world eyes. This is popular, whether done with a liquid or tape application or with more drastic cosmetic surgery, because it makes the eyes look bigger. A current trend in Japan is anime/manga style eyes, which are achieved by combining the added crease with contact lenses that make the iris and pupil much bigger, giving the larger than life, cartoon like eyes. I have to admit that some of them scare me a little, the eyes look inordinately large for the face, but I also find it an interesting look that can suit the Japanese face, though I do not like it so much if the eye enlargement involved surgery rather than the more temporary options.

photo via inventorspot

You can get the anime eye contact lenses here, by Geo…


Anime Eyes For Fancy Dress
If you flike the idea of going out in fancy dress as a manga or anime character, this video shows you how to apply anime make up, with the huge cartoon eyes and tiny lips. In case you are unsure, manga is Japanese comic book illustrations and anime is motion cartoons, both of the same style.


And now for something even weirder
Now, if you want to go even further and have really freaky eyes, check out the contact lenses in the photos below, and many more very weird ones, here. I really like lots of those and wish I was young enough to carry them off.

Check out those and many more here


Tokyo Fashion
A site I really like is, where you can see masses of photos of street fashion in Tokyo, with a lot of focus on Harajuku fashion (trends from Harajuku, in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo). You will see a lot of girls with anime eyes in those photos too. On that site, you find photos of people in the street in fabulous, creative outfits, many a mix of western fashion, vintage fashion and contemporary versions of traditional Japanese styles. There is also some Tokyo fashion show news. I like the people on the street stuff best. The fashion shows have mostly western women modelling, many of whom have legs so thin that it looks as though their thighs would snap like twigs, whichI find repellant; I thought the days of concentration camp-like models were coming to an end but it seems it is not. I also get a touch creeped out by the fashion that makes girls look like very young children, practically toddlers. It’s cute but slightly disturbing. I do, however, love most of the quirky fashion in Japan.

I especially like these zip tights

and these tattoo tights. There are lots of great tights and socks in the photos on that site.

I love this checked dog backpack

and this Vivienne Westwood watch

and the weirdness of these Jeffrey Campbell shoes

and these very pokkuri/okobo-like shoes, a style that is very popular in Japan just now and that you will see numerous girls wearing in Tokyo. I really like their big nod to traditional Japanese footwear, making it live on in contemporary fashion.

Then there’s the Harajuku Fashion Walk

To see much more like this, check out, which is where I found those pictures.


Fun Stuff For Winter
I have just bought one of these fun hats for winter; I find the extreme cold of winter is a good way to get away with wearing something silly and quirky, even at my age. I have bought the wolf hat and am considering the racoon hat too.

I’m also considering this cute Elmo hat. My daughter and I love this Iron Man ski mask, which I think would be great for her fiancé, who cycles to work.

I also want just bought this pair of perfect winter boots that I found but I can’t yet afford am still reeling a bit at the £140 £112 (approx. $221 $181) I paid (I got a 20% discount voucher), as I still really can’t afford them. I actually bought them at full price but, when I went back to look at them shortly after my purchase, I noticed there was a discount voucher code, available for the next three days, that I’d overlooked, so I cancelled the order and bought them again with the discount applied. Feeling 20% less guilty now. They have a cozy fleece lining and are waterproof and, best of all, are very long; it is so hard to find warm, waterproof, winter boots that go right up to the knee. They’re a mix of waterproofed leather and waterproof nylon. I already have two great pairs of equally expensive winter boots, which are also furry lined and waterproof but they only go up to just above mid calf and, although I love them, I would love them so much more if they kept my entire calf warm by going all the way up to the knee. One pair is black and the other is white; they are a mix of thick, plain leather with patent leather straps and round the toes (you can see me wearing the white ones in the photo of me building a snow Kid Robot, below the grey boots) but otherwise both the pairs I have are the same; all three pairs are Timberland boots, the two shorter pairs are called Timberland Mukluk Barometer. I think of the white ones as my Storm Trooper boots and the black ones as my Vader boots and, no matter how cold it gets in winter or how long I spend out in the snow, they keep my feet toasty. Now I really, really want have bought these long pink ones too.

I’ve just discovered that the mauve and black boots are actually grey and black, the site with them just had a badly coloured photo but I found them on the Timberland site. Now buying those too, while the discount is still available so I can get the 20% off them too, then I can choose one pair when I see them and return the other…. probably. Rats, can already feel myself wanting both but I really can’t keep both. The grey ones can be seen below the pink ones.


Can teeth be too perfect?
Another thing I discovered was a place that offers to make perfect teeth look more crooked. Apparently some Japanese people are intimidated by perfection, so some folk are having their perfect teeth made to took slightly imperfect, in the hope that they will become more appealing to those who were intimidated by their previous perfection. Ah, Japan… full of surprises. While I dislike those absurdly white, almost strobing teeth that so many in the USA seem to admire and I don’t balk at slight, natural imperfections in the lie of the teeth, which they seem to abhor, I do find it odd to dislike and remove natural perfection. I think the are clip-on, so no actual harm done. You can see a site offering imperfection creation for teeth here.




    1. I love the fact that, although it is steadily becoming more westernised, it is still so very different from the West, with so much that is just so ‘Japanese’, if you know what I mean.
      I also love things like Harajuko, where they are so free with fashion and, although all are nonetheless following certain styles and fashions, they are free to, and do, show a lot of imagination, quirkiness and creativity, to an extent that I think one would find hard to get away with even in the most broad minded cities here in the UK.
      The way the old, traditional Japanese clothing styles (wafuku), such as the kimono, mingle with the ultra modern styles that are the opposite of everything a kimono is and says.
      I covet it all, from the smallest, most ephemeral snack food wrapper to the toys to the exquisite kimonos, so kimonos are my way of having a tiny link to it all.

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