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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Here’s  Jotaro Saito’s 2011 collection of kimonos and obis. I particularly like the men’s kimonos and some of the women’s obis are made from fabulous textiles.

This video has the designer talking (with English subtitles) and shows some of the obit textiles close up,  and the video below it has the actual fashion show



Here’s a girl in Harajuko (2012) looking lovely in a kimono, with an old fashioned, crocheted shawl and very contemporary hair colour and giraffe bag.  Note how her feet hang over the outer side of her zori shoes; which is standard with traditional zori and geta, as the toe post that goes between the big toe and second toe, is in the centre of the sole and not offset the way it is on western flip-flops. Nowadays some zir are made with the offset toe post but it’s much more usual for it to be central and the foot to hang slightly off the outer side of the shoe.

The photo is from Tokyo Fashon, a site I love.


Now, I don’t know if this shop in Osaka, Japan didn’t know the English translation or if they didn’t care and went for shock tactics but this is a sign you certainly wouldn’t find during the sales here in UK (via


This next photo shows a woman in USA, photographed walking through a park on her way to a wedding, wearing a man’s montsuki kimono and looking very good in it. I would have chosen a wider, stiffer belt/sash but I think she looks great in her men’s kimono. Her kimono has fuji (wisteria) mon (crests). The photo is from a blog site I love and one of my daughter’s favourite sites, called Advanced Style, showing older women with a sense of style, who, unlike many of the older generation, have not given up making an effort in their appearance, though I have to admit that some have not given up their favourite eras either and have stuck to the clothing of the era they liked best and said to hell with whether they are considered a tad out of date.  They will soon be retro anyway and that is always interesting and good.


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