‘I’d like another haori’, she said, then went home with 13

wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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My daughter owns  zillions of kimonos but only had one Japanese haori, the long, kimono sleeved jackets. She recently wore it to a party and got so many compliments that she decided she wanted another. She chose a load to try on and went home with 13 of them. If she finds that there are any she hasn’t worn within the next couple of years, she’ll give me those ones back for the website.

We took some photos, mainly to let her see what they looked like, as sometimes it helps to see yourself in a photo as well as in a mirror (that’s a handy tip if you are ever choosing new spectacle frames, take a photo and look at yourself in that) and it made it easier for her to see the backs. In these photos she wears them slightly open at the front and pleated or gathered at the back, with them fastened with a deep belt, though the Japanese do not wear them belted, they wear them loose. Sometimes she wears the fronts closed and slightly overlapped, then they lie smooth at the back, but she particularly likes them worn with the fronts parted as you see in the photos.

You can see some of those photos below. Most of the haori in the photos are ones she kept for herself but there are a few there that she didn’t, so those are still available on my website. The photos weren’t actually taken for public display, so her expression isn’t as smiley as it could be and she is wearing her specs, which she wouldn’t normally do when modelling, as she doesn’t need them all the time, but I decided, nonetheless, to put some of the photos here on my blog, to let you see some more haoris being worn. The shoes she is wearing came from Japan, she has wanted some of those for a long time and managed to get herself a red pair and a black pair.

staircases haori

Staircases design haori

This is one of my favourites, with a most unusual design of staircases and cherry blossom. I was surprised it wasn’t snapped up when available on my site but it’s too late now, my daughter has nabbed it.


Big Mums Haori

Pink with mums haori

She struggled to not keep all the haori she tried on and this is one of the few she didn’t keep, only because the pink didn’t go with her scarlet hair.


chirashi haori 1

This is a 1930s haori, in lovely soft silk, with chirashi design. You can see the back of it in the photo below.

chirashi haori 2


1920s deep red haori

1920s red haori

This dark red one is from the 1920s. Notice how long it is, these 1920s and 30s ones are often extra long and tend to be made of very soft silk.


cloud outlines haori 1

This one has oultines of clouds. This one is still available on the website. Back view below.

cloud outlines haori 2


spider mum plum haori back

This haori has a magnificent spider chrysanthemum on it. Front view below.

spider mum haori front

swirls black haori

This haori is her favourite and is also her fiancé’s favourite of the ones she took home. It’s a synthetic textile.


meisen plum blossom haori

A long, Meisen silk haori, with ume (plum blossom) branches design. I can’t remember if she kept this one. Meisen silk is a bit like silk taffeta.


colourful zigzags

My daughter had reservations about trying this one on then loved it when she did, so this is another she kept


abstract fans design

This haori has a lovely abstract folding fans design, on silk satin. I don’t think she kept this one but I may be wrong. You can see the back view below.

abstract fans haori back

Notice the way she wears it, with pleats folded into the back and held in place with the belt. This is because she has it belted with a gap between the front edges, so the excess material that creates is at the back. When she wears them with the fronts overlapped, there is no need to pleat or gather the back, as they lie smoothly since some of that fabric is then pulled to the front. Sometimes, when wearing them with the fronts parted,  she pleats them at the back like this one and sometimes she wears them lying in little folds that are evenly spread across the back.


leafy vines haori front

This one has especially deep sleeves and fabulous leafy vines on it. There are some little foxing spots on the light parts of the pattern but they don’t spoil it and she doesn’t mind them at all. See the back in the photo below, where you can see that it has a round, gold, embroidered mon (crest) at the centre of the shoulders.

vines haori back


blue waves haori 1

This one is my favourite, with stylised waves. It is very soft silk. Three more views of this one below

blue waves haori 2

blue waves haori 3

blue waves haori 4


pampas cream haori

This one is a very slightly peachy cream silk, with a traditional, stylised pampas grass design. This is one that is still available on my http://www.wafuku.co.uk website


orizuru haori

Orizuru design haori. Orizuru are origami cranes. This was her fiancé’s second favourite of the 13 she took home




  1. Now I know who had that wonderful blue water waves one, I loved it ( message to myself don’t put off buying it till next time! lol) What a great selection I can hardly believe your daughter only had one jacket before after all the modelling she has done with them. I am sure she will enjoy wearing them all.

    1. She has soooooo many clothes that she has lots she’s never had a chance to wear, so her haori had only been worn about three times. he certainly doesn’t need more clothes and will have trouble fittin in the 13 she took. If there are any that she took that she doesn’t get around to wearing in the next 12 – 24 months, she’ll give me those ones back. She only meant to choose a couple more, not 13, and when she took them home she thought she’d probably choose only about 6 out of them to keep but she and her fiancé really liked all of them, so I told her to keep them all, as she could regret it if she gave any back, since I won’t get others exactly the same.

  2. Oh my WORD, I am in love with the long “Meisen silk haori, with ume (plum blossom)”. Completely in love. If that ever becomes available please, please let me know!

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