It Has Been So Long – Where To Begin?

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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Happy New Year – The Year of the Horse, in Japan.
I altered my geisha logo (seen above) just slightly, to mark the occasion.


It is so long since I added anything to this blog that everyone must have thought I had abandoned it completely. I don’t know where all the time went.


I thought I would show you this antique kimono.
It is a very old cotton one, with a sort of meisen-like print, by which I mean that the outlines of the pattern on it are made to look as though they slightly bleed out, as though they are created by weaving thread that is died in multiple colours and woven to make the a pattern develop, like in meisen silk kimonos and kasuri ones. This kimono’s pattern is printed, though, not woven into it.


I really like this kimono and think I will keep it for myself and not put it on my site for sale. The last thing I need is yet another kimono for myself but I especially love it and will never get another like it. I’m still a little undecided.



An obidome is a piece of jewellery made to be worn at the centre front of an obi, slipped onto the obijime (the narrow cord tied around the centre of an obi). The obijime cord is usually threaded through loops on the back of the obidome. The obidome and some hair accessories (kanzashi) are, traditionally, the only jewellery one is supposed to wear with a kimono ensemble.
Obidome are made from many materials, some very precious, such as gold and other metals, some from wood, bamboo, coral, resin and such, some with precious and semi precious stones, enamels etc. Some antique ones are made from tortoiseshell or ivory but these are no longer used to make them.
The photos below show some examples of obidome and a maiko wearing one. Maiko wear especially large obidome, geisha/geiko do not wear them and other women usually wear smaller ones. The maiko’s obidome is very valuable, worth many thousands of pounds.

obidome 2
The obidome in the picture above and immediately below are very, very expensive ones. None is mine, just pictures friends gave me so I could drool enviously over them


The obidome in the picture below are mine and currently on my website.


The piece of jewellery worn on an obijime is called an obidome but an obijime with an obidome on it is also just called an obidome. The obijime’s knot is usually worn at the front of the obi but, when an obidome is worn on it, the obijime is tied at the back, with its knot hidden inside the obi’s large, rear knot.

Below you can see pictures of the back of an obidome (it’s the embroidered one above) and of a Maiko wearing a huge obidome. Maiko’s obidome are frighteningly expensive. They tend to be the most expensive item she is wearing and, considering her kimono costs tens of thousands of pounds, it is scary how much their obidome are worth.



KitKat in Japan
KitKat biscuits are very popular in Japan, where they get many, many flavours we never see in the West. A lot of them seasonal, so may only be available at certain times of the year and some others may come and go, never to be seen again. Many flavours remain constantly available.
One odd one I came across today is Cheese KitKats.


KitKats are so popular in Japan and with such a huge variety of flavours that a KitKat store has just opened in Tokyo, selling nothing but KitKats. You can get an idea of the vast variety here on Pinterest, where many pictures have been posted by Jane Lawson.


Picture via Jane Lawson. on Pinterest

I am not usually an enormous fan of KitKats, I don’t mind them but don’t crave them, but I would try them all, just out of curiosity, and be bound to find one I loved.


Three Men and a Banner
I recently saw a re-run of the film, Three Men and a Baby on television and noticed that one character had bedding, cushions and a fancy headboard made using a boy’s day banner. Those banners are huge. The one you see laid out in the bottom picture was one of mine and measures 650.0 cm (255.9 in.) in length. I sold that one but I have, at time of writing, a smaller one on my website and a couple of extremely long rolls of the textile too.
The quilt cover in the movie is white with a strip of banner textile up the centre. I am not sure if that textile is colour fast enough to stand up well to frequent washing but a strip of it would look fantastic just laid down the centre of a bed, rather than actually sewn onto the duvet cover.

3 men and a banner


I will stop here for now and, hopefully, not leave it quite so long before coming back to post more.


You can also check out my website, providing vintage & antique Japanese kimonos & collectables.



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