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Just a quick post about Hina Matsuri, since 03 March is upon us again.
Hina Matsuri is Dolls’ Day (it used to be called Girls’ Day) and is an annual doll festival in Japan. It is celebrated each year on 3rd March. Platforms covered in red are used to display a set of  dolls representing the Emperor and Empress, attendants, musicians and, two ministers, all in Heian era clothing, plus specific accessories. Many displays do not show the full set of figures and accessories, some may only have the Emperor and Empress.
Hina Matsuri traces its origins to an ancient Japanese custom called hina-nagashi (doll floating), in which straw dolls were set afloat on a boat and sent down a river to the sea, supposedly taking troubles or bad spirits with them.

The magnificent set below is in a picture from www.tokyoezine.com


I rather like these bunny versions


and this cute rat Empress (rats are often thought more kindly of in Japan and I rather like most types of rodent)


and whatever the celebration or motif, you will find a bento version

hina matsuri bento

You can find out more about Hina Matsuri on Wikipedia, here


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