5 vs 4, New Furoshki and Kawaii Buses

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Sets of 5, not 4.
Have you ever noticed that, in Japan, they offer sets of 5 things not sets of 4?

Here, in the West, a set of 4 of anything is common but, in Japan, it is much more likely to be 5 of that same item, such as the 5 pairs of chopsticks below. The reason for this is that the word for the number 4 is pronounced as “shi” but the word for “death” is also pronounced “shi” and this connection with death means that it is considered bad luck to have sets of 4 things.



New Furoshiki.
I have added lots and lots of furoshiki to my wafuku.co.uk website. Most are contemporary ones, some with  images such as Hokusai’s Great Wave & Fuji and his Red Fuji print, some with charming bunnies, a range with a black & white cat in typical Japanese settings and many other delightful designs. There are also some bigger, vintage old stock furoshiki just added and another mixed variety of vintage ones to be added soon.

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths. Instead of wrapping paper, these cloths, which come in various sizes, are wrapped around objects and tied in specific ways. The Japanese are, of course, renowned for their clever and specific ways of folding tying things and they have developed a myriad of ways to use and tie furoshiki. I previously wrote a blog post about furoshiki, showing many, many ways to tie them. You can check out that post and the diagrams here.


on my wafuku.co.uk website.


A few furoshiki tying examples (lots more here).


Kawaii Japanese school buses.
Some Japanese school buses are a joy to see. Wouldn’t going to school, or anywhere, be much more tempting if you could get on a Hello Kitty bus or a Catbus or something bright, colourful, cheerful and fun? In Japan they revel in the joys of kawaii (cuteness). They don’t feel it is too childish or feminine for anything or anyone, so you see it everywhere, from toys to transport to advertising to traffic cones to logos and mascots, even their police forces have kawaii mascots. They know it can lift the spirits and get across a message well. Seeing these cute buses on our streets would lift my spirits a lot, despite my lack of youth.


I especially love that particular cat and the steam train.



I really like the character Doreamon (the blue bus above the lion bus)



Even Thomas The Tank Engine made it to Japan.



A nice variety of animals.



You don’t get more kawaii than Hello Kitty.



That whale is great.



Pokemon was inevitable and the plane is very effective, despite having no wings.



There had to be a bear.


bus5Catbus looks a little dangerous to drive with that big head attached to the front. Catbus is from the sweet anime story, “My Neighbour Totoro”. Check out the colour of its tyres.


You can also check out my www.wafuku.co.uk website, providing vintage & antique Japanese kimonos & collectables.




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