The End Of A Long Hot Summer

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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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The good summer weather was very unusually long and hot here in Scotland this year. Normally it is driech for most of the summer months here and I am usually slightly jealous of family in London having lovely summers while I look out at rain and strong winds but this year it was fabulous here and my poor family had it much too hot in London.  It’s back to plenty of rain and wind here now but still fairly mild in temperature and yesterday was dry and still enough for some hot air balloons to drift by. Some summers they float over my home but the breeze up high wasn’t bringing them this way, so I only caught sight of one, when I heard one flare up its burners and realised there must be one about. By the time I spotted it by heading down the road a bit, this was all I saw.

distant hot air balloon

I got very lax at replacing the thousands of missing photos from my website after the photo host decided to block them all. I started well but it got daunting and I pretty much stopped after a few months but broken links are not good on a site, for people browsing or for having Google show it in searches, as Google doesn’t like broken links, so I am back to making a concerted effort again. It takes ages because I also realised that I couldn’t just move them and upload them all again, many of the photos were really awful, I don’t know why I hadn’t realised how bad many of them were, so I am having to check all and colour correct and brighten most before putting them back and that is what is taking so much time and work. Still, it must be done, so I have to plod on with it. It is good to get a thorough look at my site stock, as I work on it. Yesterday I worked on the obi section, got a few hundred photos fixed and replaced there, including all the soft, heko obis like these…

I now offer Layaway on the website, so items can be purchased in instalments. A lot of websites I buy from offer this option, so I thought it was time I did too…

Here are a few particularly nice kimonos from my site, with their photos now in place.

This is a girl’s kimono being worn by an adult. The adult is fairly petite in height, so on someone taller it would be shorter, but it lets you see how wearable these girls’ ones are for adults. My sister wears this size as a fancy, light coat.
Children wear their kimonos with a big tuck stitched in place on the outside of each shoulder and a big fold up at the waist, so without these tucks they are surprisingly big and wearable by an adult. Children’s ones come in much brighter colours than most adult ones and with fantastic designs on them. Most from the past few decades are made of good quality synthetic textiles, though some exceedingly expensive ones are still made in silk.

I love this dragon smoke kimono. whirls of smoke, with touches of gold detailing and embroidery.

How stunning is this blue houmongi kimono? Rich, sumptuous silk, with hand applied yuzen textile art of roses. Roses used to be thought very  exotic in Japan, as they were not native to that land, so were not commonly seen there.


You can check out my website, providing a wonderful range of vintage & antique Japanese kimonos & collectables.

Rita Ora.
One of my vintage, silk kimonos, from, modelled by the beautiful Rita Ora.


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