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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

Welcome to my Wordpress blog

A new website is coming any day now. A new website is coming any day now. From today, the original website is gone. I’ve been working on a new website and my current host has now shut down the original site but BT, with whom my domain is registered, is being hideously slow at connecting the domain name to the new site. I’d hoped it would stay online until the switch over was done but time ran out and I would have had to pay for another year with my current web host to keep it online until the new one had the domain transferred to it, so, for now, my site is completely offline. Hopefully it will go live within a few days.

The new site will be GDPR compliant, mobile phone friendly and, hopefully, offer additional payment options other than just PayPal. The two things I am not happy with on the new site are photos having to be square (so I am having to make square thousands and thousands of photos), and the menu having to be across the top, rather than a left side menu, because that site provider doesn’t have a side menu with drop sub-menus, only a top menu offers drop sub-menus, so I am stuck with having it at the top, as sub-menus are crucial on my site.

The original site had many photos missing since the Photobucket debacle, although I had managed to replace thousands of them, I just hadn’t managed to restore them all, there were, after all, tens of thousands of photos on it. The broken links to photos meant my site dropped drastically in Google’s search results, so starting again from scratch means that it shouldn’t have photo gaps and broken links to them; with each item I transfer to the new site, I ensure its photos are uploaded too.

I have so much stock to transfer to it from my original site that it will take a lot more time to complete the transfer. I continuously built and stocked the original site over 13 years, so there has been a lot to redo on the new one. The new one will still have all my kimono information pages and its large glossary and I have so far got about 800 stock items transferred to it and will keep steadily transferring the rest, then, after a short break from it, will start adding some new items too.

As the weather improves I hope to be able to photograph some stock outside, as I have no decent lighting indoors. Scotland has so much rain, though, that it limits outdoor photography time and my photography skills are not great at the best of times. I try, when possible, to re-use photos I got from the Japanese suppliers when selecting the stock, as theirs are often better than mine and are already done, but, unfortunately, I can’t do that for all my items. It is useful when I can, since it speeds up the addition of new items, allowing me to add more than I could by just photographing them all myself, because I only have to crop and colour correct their the photos instead of setting them up and taking them too.

I hope you will be patient and keep checking for the new site being available online.


You can check out my website, providing a wonderful range of vintage & antique Japanese kimonos & collectables.

Rita Ora.
One of my vintage, silk kimonos, from, modelled by the beautiful Rita Ora.


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