Halloween Approaches

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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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I can’t believe it is almost October. Where on earth has this year gone, it feels like it has been passing so quickly.

I’ve started to think about Halloween. I have a friend whose birthday is on that day, so I will make him a Halloween cake.  I must remember to buy some marzipan to make the little pumpkins to go on top of it, he loves marzipan. I love almonds but I can’t stand marzipan, which rather puzzles me.

I also saw The Preppy Chef making these lovely little pumpkin shaped cakes, so I think I will give those a go too. He used stalks from a real pumpkin but I will make mine from sugar paste.


I was adding some hanhaba obi to my website recently and thought a these ones were ideal for Halloween, the colours and the cats are just perfect for that.


This man in the moon kimono, which I showed on my last blog post, would be great for Halloween too.


I seem to have got blocked from commenting, following or posting text on Instagram. I didn’t know that including my website url in every post was considered spamming, so I suspect that is why. I can still post pictures but not any text with them. I am hoping it is temporary and I will get unblocked in a week or so. I will keep posting pictures in the meantime and when unblocked, I will no longer mention my site’s url in the posts. I really do hope they unblock me.


Isn’t this a pretty haori kimono jacket? I love the colours and the leafy design.



I do love a meisen silk kimono; the meisen weave of silk is rather like silk taffeta, it has a bit of body, so holds its shape well. The pattern is not printed onto the fabric, the silk yarn is pre-dyed with all its colours so that the pattern emerges on the fabric as it is woven. A slightly fuzzy edge to the patterns within the designs is a characteristic of meisen weave textiles. It is a really special textile and was very fashionable in Japan in the 1920s and 30s. This one is in such lovely muted colours and I adore the origami windmills design.


You can check out my www.wafuku.co.uk website, providing a wonderful range of vintage & antique Japanese kimonos & collectables. Discover the joy of wearable textile art.


Rita Ora.
One of my vintage, silk kimonos, from wafuku.co.uk, modelled by the beautiful Rita Ora.


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