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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Some footwear was used in a fashion shoot in the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of the high end AnOther Magazine. It was interesting to see my tabi and geta as part of ensembles with the likes of Alexander McQueen couture.

Here we have a pair of  tabi socks with Proenza Schouler dress and Feben Vemmenby shoes. pink tabi socks and geta shoes, with pink Helmut Lang coat.

This froth of ruffles is a National Theatre costume worn with taupe tabi socks and Vic Matié mules.

Alexander McQueen pink dress worn with with pink tabi socks and geta shoes.

Taupe tabi in the ensemble on the right.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day 2018, which made me think of the fact that the first novel ever written was written by a woman. The novel was The Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari), written by the Japanese noblewoman and lady in waiting, Murasaki Shikibu, in the early years of the 11th century.

The Tale of Genji is a novel about the life of Hikaru Genji, the son of an ancient Japanese emperor, who, for political reasons, removed Genji from his line of succession, demoting him from noble to commoner. The story follows his life, especially romantic life, from that point on.

Many traditional designs in Japanese textile art, graphics etc. reference this work and there are motifs that reference it too, such as genji-gumo, a stylised shape of cloud used in early illustrations for the text, and genji-guruma, a Heian Era imperial carriage wheels. Clouds are often included in artistic scenes referring to the Heian Court because courtiers were referred to as “those who live among the clouds” (Kumo no Uebito). Genji-guruma motif, the carriage wheels, represent nobility, court life and good fortune, as only nobility from the Imperial court were allowed carriages with such huge wheels (because they did so much damage to roads, so had to be limited in numbers).

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Rita Ora.
One of my vintage, silk kimonos, from, modelled by the beautiful Rita Ora.


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