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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Obi Displays.
I was asked about obis for display, so I formed a Nagoya obi with a repeat pattern of cute, Japanese Chin dogs and temari (decorative balls) on it and a lovely silk maru obi with phoenix feathers design. I tied them with Japanese, hand made, silk obijime (obi cords). For display I would probably hang them on bamboo rods.

The Maru Obi. Maru have pattern on both sides and are the same width along the entire length.

obi display maru 1A

obi display maru 3a


The Nagoya Obi. This one has an all over repeat pattern. Nagoya obi have pattern on one side only. There is lots of very pretty, golden metallic coated thread in this one. Most Nagoya have the sash section of the obi permanently folded to half depth and on the musubi (rear knot) section at full width, which is why the bow is less deep than on the maru obi.

obi display Nagoya 1a

Tied with a handmade, Japanese, green silk obijime.

obi display Nagoya 2A

Neither obi was cut to make the displays, they remain intact and wearable. Having photographed it, I untied and unflolded the maru obi before adding it to my website but the Chin dog one will be sold in its display form, along with the obijime cord tied round it but the hanger is not included.

I have very recently added some really charming Takekago Kinchaku bags to my website;  bamboo baskets with drawstring interiors. They are such lovely handbags. Some of the styles can be seen here…

Sakura (cherry blossom & Snowflakes) on black.

aa bb cc


Flower Mix on red.
kk ll


Tsubaki (camellia) on black
hh iiI also have tabi that match the camellia bag.


You can also check out my website, providing vintage & antique Japanese kimonos & collectables.


One of my kimonos being modelled by the singer Rita Ora



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